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What are your cravings telling you?

Over at Mark’s Daily Apple, not only do I find incredible and inspiring stories to help keep me motivated to make the diet changes for better health, but I learn all sorts of great information. This post on cravings has been extremely helpful in identifying what I really need to eat.

You want fries with that?

Flickr Image Courtesy of John Muir

Since I made my huge dietary changes my health has improved for the better and I haven’t really had many cravings.¬† However when I do, I want salty chips or fries. When I desperately want chips, I can almost taste the salty potatoiness on my tongue. I can picture myself devouring a whole bag, pouring the crumbs into my mouth, and licking my salty and greasy fingers.

However, Mark says this elaborate food fantasy means I need either more “trytophan or chloride” and he recommends eating some “organic cheese, unsalted cottage cheese, fish, sweet potatoes (or yams), spinach, and authentic sea salt”. I’m going to try incorporating more of these items and see if this makes a difference.

For more information on food cravings check out this post. The Flickr image used in this post was courtesy of John Muir.


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