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What are your cravings telling you?

Over at Mark’s Daily Apple, not only do I find incredible and inspiring stories to help keep me motivated to make the diet changes for better health, but I learn all sorts of great information. This post on cravings has been extremely helpful in identifying what I really need to eat.

You want fries with that?

Flickr Image Courtesy of John Muir

Since I made my huge dietary changes my health has improved for the better and I haven’t really had many cravings.  However when I do, I want salty chips or fries. When I desperately want chips, I can almost taste the salty potatoiness on my tongue. I can picture myself devouring a whole bag, pouring the crumbs into my mouth, and licking my salty and greasy fingers.

However, Mark says this elaborate food fantasy means I need either more “trytophan or chloride” and he recommends eating some “organic cheese, unsalted cottage cheese, fish, sweet potatoes (or yams), spinach, and authentic sea salt”. I’m going to try incorporating more of these items and see if this makes a difference.

For more information on food cravings check out this post. The Flickr image used in this post was courtesy of John Muir.


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Gone Low-Carb And I Feel Great!


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In college, I was a vegetarian who ate very little fat, plenty of vegetables, legumes, tofu, and those oh so important whole grains. I did not have a car, and walked several miles a day to work. I was doing all the “common sense” activities that doctors and the government says will keep you fit, lean, and healthy.  Yet, during this time I started gaining weight at the rate of 10 lbs per month.  I would wash my clothes and they wouldn’t fit the next week.

When my unexplained weight gain began, a myriad of health conditions accompanied it.  These were conditions typically associated with obesity and poor diet. However, when I began my low-carb, grain-free diet, these conditions began to remit even before I shed an extreme amount of weight.

After three months of a low-carb, high-fat, and grain-free diet, I have noticed the following improved health effects aside from weight loss:

  • Migraines. Gone.
  • Heartburn. Gone
  • Joint pain. Gone.
  • Asthma. Greatly reduced.


I began to suffer from migraines in my early-twenties.  Mind numbing, teeth rattling, lay on a dark bed for a day migraines.  Sometimes they just lasted a couple of hours. Sometimes they lasted for a couple of days.  I missed everything. I was missing days of work, concerts, plays, movies, and nights out with my friends and families. I was also in pain. Nearly everyday I woke up with a low-grade headache.

However, two weeks after I started eating low-carb, I noticed a curious absence of migraines. Now, I am able to make plans with friends and family and actually keep them. I have attended plays, concerts, and had dinners with friends.


Everyday for over two years, I would vomit every morning.  Whenever I ate a meal, I would have a searing pain in my
chest and periodic stabbing pains during the day. I began removing acidic foods from my diet with no results. I took drugs with little to no improvement.

Within two weeks of starting my low-carb diet, my heartburn was gone.

Joint Pain

At six years old, I jumped from a high rock and broke my left ankle.  After I began to balloon up, I noticed a persistent aching in my left ankle and over time it kept getting worse.  I thought it was directly related to weight gain and that my pernicious bulk was destroying my joints. Within two weeks of starting my low-carb diet, my joint pain was gone


Again, another chronic condition I have suffered from since elementary school, which increased in severity along with my unexplained weight gain. Each day was accompanied by a low-grade wheezing and painfully, inflamed cartilage in my chest. I would get winded walking upstairs and become tired easily. I would wheeze and be exhausted after vacuuming the living room. Two weeks after I began to eat low-carb, I could exercise. I could bound up the stairs and feel great.


I know I am not the first person to propose this, but I am convinced that obesity is a disease and should be treated as such. I am convinced that low-fat diets are killing us and that GMO wheat causes bodily inflammation. I am convinced that low-carb and grain-free diets save lives. It is finally allowing me to live mine.

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Low-Carb Living

Dr. Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD, speaking about how the low-carb lifestyle works.  Excellent!

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