Why I Went Low-Carb

I’m fat. I was the kind of fat that you look at when you walk down the street and lowly-spit into your best friend’s ear, “Kill me if I get like that”. I’m was the kind of fat that has trouble walking upstairs, fitting into airplane seats, or going to a movie theater. I was breaking toilet seats with my ass fat. I was toddler-crushing-gut, pendulum-breasts, sweat-that-smells-like-Cheetos fat. And I was hungry.

I had been doing a low-fat, low-calorie diet for as ten years. I have been starving myself on a diet of 1200 calories that did not power my humongous frame, which by all rights would need 3000 calories to sustain my weight.  I was eating the required servings of fruits, veggies, and whole-grains and nothing was happening.  I was getting much, much fatter. I was hungry. I was tired.

General practitioners, specialists, and nutritionists refused to believe me when I brought in my meticulously kept records of what I was eating. The meticulously weighted portion sizes and carefully calculated math to document self-starvation was obviously inaccurate because look at me! This can’t be right! I did not fit into the calories-in and calories-out math that dominates the scientific literature, so I must be lying. I was told to lay off the ice cream, eat more whole grains, cut back calories more.

I was also sick.  My gallbladder hurt.  I had acid reflux and would often vomit several times a day.  My left ankle was in constant pain. I lived off tums and Aleve. I was given acid reducing medication and advice to eat much less and most importantly, much less fat.

Then finally, I saw a nutritionist who actually listened to me.  Crazily enough she told me that if what I was doing wasn’t working, I should stop.  She told me that carbs matter and to stop this crazy low-fat diet train. I was to eat meat, fresh veggies, fruit, and high-fat dairy and as much as I wanted. She told me I didn’t have to painstakingly track everything I was eating and to just abide by her guidelines. I was to pay attention to how my body felt, feed it when it was hungry, move when I had energy, sleep when I was tired, and to drink when I was thirsty.

This was mind boggling!  For the first few days, I was racked by horrible guilt over what I was doing.  How could I, queen fat-ass, actually go to a grocery story and purchase heavy cream, cheese, beef, and butter. How could I give up weighing and tracking everything I ate? It was a security blanket that helped me prove to myself that this wasn’t my fault.

But I did it. I lost 20 pounds in the first three weeks. My ankle pain and migraines disappeared and my energy levels went through the roof.  I was eating food with fat and my gallbladder wasn’t aching. My acid reflux vanished and I stopped vomiting. And I wasn’t hungry.

This is why I went low-carb.


7 responses to “Why I Went Low-Carb

  1. Congratulations on making a start and on the progress you have made so far. Believe me, as you loose weight you become a huge inspiration to people around you, and we need people like you to show others the way. The health of humanity at large is at stake.

  2. lowcarbcookery1

    Thank you so much for your supportive comment. I am just glad that I finally found the right path and got off the low-fat, high-carb obesity train.

  3. Kathy Crowe

    Thanks for the most amazing description of my body. You and I have much of the same problems with weight, and diets. I actually had to have surgery to remove my gallbladder. Now that I am older and wiser. I put myself on a low carb diet and did reasonably well with it. Until, I had a piece of birthday cake. Then I went on a carb eating frenzy. Did I mention I can be a binge eater? So after many years I am back on the Low Carb Way of Life. Because I now know that a cheat can ruin, everything that I had accomplished. I have been scouting around the internet and found your blog. Thanks for the great recipes.
    Much success to you!

    • lowcarbcookery

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the support. Not only have I lost weight, but so has every member of my family. I am so glad that my doctor and nutritionist are working with me to get on the right path. Good luck on your journey!

  4. Good luck and continued success. My wife and I did a low carb diet and it was very successful. She had her gallbladder removed and the carbs provide her buffer. Oh well.

  5. Congrats for taking care of yourself…keep up the good work 🙂

  6. I am so glad that you finally found what your body needs! I am very similar– my drs couldn’t understand how someone eating a “healthy” diet could weigh so much! Not only am I losing weight, but I am healthier, and have tons more energy. This might get a bad rap in the public opinion, but it sure does work! Congrats on your success, and here’s to regaining your life!

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